A different, green world, as Brian Eno once imagined. Mós Ensemble lives up to their name, pollinating every ear as one, growing, rampantly moving organism. Music as the matrix for spring dreams, for an arcadian adventure.

A pristine archipelago in a sea of jazz, folk, and psychedelica. No land of milk and honey, but of wriggling, withering chords and rhythms, of serene, softly sprinkling torrents of sound.

A place where a duo of angels , sirens cast ashore, scatter seeds with their lungs. Reed and brass provide either breeze or blizzard. Double bass and guitar are the tides, drums foster night or day time. And the songs are the birds, the bees, the fruit, the rain or sun. In the land of Mós grey is not an option, the soil is always rich and fertile. A world of hummus and wonder. Like a Richard Attenborough documentary, but loose and improvised.

(c) Jonas Boel